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5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Be Building on Wix

Maybe you're an existing small business owner looking to expand your business's online presence, or maybe you're a new entrepreneur seeking to validate and jumpstart your big idea. In any case, if you are researching where to get started with building your small business's online empire, this article is for you.

Prelude: What Even is Wix?

For those completely new to the topic, Wix is the largest website building and hosting platform in existence. After a string of strategic moves, from improving their e-commerce capability to recruiting top web design partners to support their growing user base, it has positioned itself as the #1 tool for DIY entrepreneurs and start-up organizations to build their presence online.

What most do not consider when vetting Wix as their platform of choice is that Wix is not just a design tool. It is a turnkey business solution. Wix offers an array of amazing services that seamlessly add valuable functionality to your website.

Need to sell tickets to an event your business is putting on? Wix has you covered with Wix Events. Worried about how you will deal with inbound leads on your new site? Wix has you covered with the Ascend CRM that comes stock with every website deployed on their platform.

The list goes on, and it's why we want to fill you in on our top 5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Be Building on Wix:

Reason #1: Customer Relationship Management Comes Baked In

If you're unaware of what a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is, in a nutshell it's a modern stack of technology or apps that allows businesses to better track customer information and communicate with them easier.

Have you ever wondered how a business might know to email you on your birthday with a special discount? Well, they are most likely using a CRM. If they aren't, special condolences to the marketing department and the task involved with manually tracking customer birthdays.

With Wix, nearly every customer interaction that takes place on your website is organized thoughtfully through their CRM, Ascend by Wix. A free version of Ascend comes ready to go with every website created and launched on the platform (the free version is amazing).

Gone are the days of trying to make sense of form submissions, email notifications and follow up tasks - Ascend will be your go-to organizational tool. The goal is to make your life easier when you build a functioning website, not harder. Wix's Ascend CRM does this with ease.

Reason #2: The E-commerce Platform is (Insert Fire Emoji)

Coming in second, and a close contender to #1, e-commerce on Wix, known internally as Wix Stores, is Wix's ultimate plug-and-play solution for selling physical or digital goods on your website. Wix has done a phenomenal job continually improving the e-commerce experience for websites on their platform, and it has never been easier to begin selling online.

As a small business owner considering launching an online marketplace, Wix Stores takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders so you can focus on delivering high-quality experiences and products to your customers. Worried about how you will collect tax or charge the proper amount for shipping? Wix Stores provides automated shipping and tax rules out of the box.

While there are certainly many e-commerce solutions out there calling for your attention, building an e-commerce store on Wix is your best bet for quickly launching a jaw-dropping storefront that will have your customers returning time and time again.

Reason #3: Management & Updates are a Breeze

While the goal of every web builder out there is (or should be) to make the task of building a website more feasible for non-technical business owners, Wix takes the cake for easiest to manage and update in the long term, especially if you plan on growing your team.

Often lost in translation during the exciting process of building a website, it's important that the platform you choose to build with has collaboration features ready to go when it's time to scale your team. With Wix's Roles & Permissions settings, team management is flawless.

Whether you plan to hire outside help to manage your website or you want a member of your team to be able to manage inbound store orders, the Wix dashboard allows website owners to include any pertinent stakeholders in their project. The great part? You can limit what any particular member of your team is allowed to see & do.

Reason #4: The Wix AppMarket is Budding with Innovative Solutions

Thus far, all of the features we have mentioned are products internally developed by Wix. Outside of these features, Wix brings the Wix AppMarket: an ever growing marketplace of third-party apps that are installable to your website by a single click.

The AppMarket makes available many advanced features or integrations you may need to optimize your website for your business's processes. Whether you're looking for a direct integration to Quickbooks or the ability to dropship products from your store, there's most likely an app ready to go for you.

The Wix AppMarket is constantly growing, and the ability to access it directly from your website editor makes it all the better. Take a look around and see what you can find!

Reason #5: Infinite Possibilities with Velo by Wix

Last but not least is Velo by Wix: the ability to truly create literally anything on Wix. Yes, anything.

Velo opens up a world of infinite possibilities for your Wix website by allowing custom code to be written directly in the Wix Editor. It is the sole Wix feature that pushed our parent agency,, to become a 100% Wix agency, and it provides the comfort that, in the event that Wix or the AppMarket do not offer a particular capability, you will be able to achieve it, as long as you (or a professional) can write just a little bit of code.

Here's some examples of features that could be built using Velo by Wix:

  1. Custom estimation calculator for your business

  2. Chat bot for your website's chat bubble (Our team built EasyChatAi using Velo)

  3. Custom payment form for taking invoice payments

  4. Weather widget on your website

This is just a shortlist, but hopefully you get the point. Velo by Wix removes any limitations that using a web builder may have brought in years past. If you can think it, you can build it using Velo. Thanks Wix!

Closing Thoughts

This list is certainly not exhaustive, and believe us, there are a lot more than 5 reasons that your business should be on Wix. These are merely the top 5 that we believe anyone considering building a website for themselves should be aware of.

If you have any questions or thoughts after reading this article, please feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below or send us a message via the chat bubble. We cannot wait to see what you build :)

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